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A PAIR OF ORIENTAL FEMALES , a pair of gorgeous cats

Luna is an Oriental Longhair Blue and she is 2 yrs old. She is sweet natured and looks after her younger friend.

Sybil is a Balinese under 2 years of age. She is more worried about life and needs Luna to look after her. She is gentle and sweet but can be quite skittish, hence the need for a quiet home where there are no other cats, dogs or children. They have been used to an indoor life.

Sybil also has a delicate tummy but is ok on a careful diet.

Both cats are vaccinated and neutered and they MUST be rehomed together.


in case anyone doesnt know what the Balinese and Oriental longhair breeds are like. The coat is very soft and silky and lies close to the body, its not dense and difficult to care or need to go to the groomers  like the Perian Breed.

they are in personality and body shape just the same as Siamese and Oriental shorthairs. And  indeed they are very beautiful and graceful.


if you think you may be interested in these cats please contact the welfare officer. You will need to fill in a home offered form which can found on our website www.ocwt.org

LOCATION ESSEX  still in their own home at present


email: ocwt.rescue@gmail.com

phone: 01424 892618