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.Havana male aged 2 yrs

We need a very special home for a beautiful havans male.

He is an ex stud cat but been neutered some months now and doesn’t spray and is a clean boy.

He is very nervous having had previous limited company due to his status. We have worked with him for some months and he is responding well to play therapy, he gets excited and comes on a lap for attention.

This does not mean he is ok generally with people, but that one particular person has gained his trust. He is still skittish and unpredictable if things change or there are sudden movements or noises. He can also give little nips when he is petted, but these are not really vicious but rather more that his is not quite sure how to react.

We need a real cat whisperer to take him on, one with realistic expectations of a cat of his disposition. He is fantastic looking boy and very athletic and I hope he might be able to go outside to let off steam eventually, this would of course have to be in a safe area.

As an organisation we do not believe in keeping cats in cattery conditions for the rest of their lives, and in his case he is just 2 and this could be for many years. So a good home is essential for him to be himself.  He has the potential to trust someone with patience.

Contact the welfare officer for more information


I have a video link of him and would be more than happy to email it to anyone interested





Phone: 01424 892618

Email: ocwt.rescue@gmail.com